Do Plan Your Layout First

You should know what you want your kitchen to look like before you take anything out or install anything new. Research kitchens online, in magazines, or even at home improvement stores. You can also use an online kitchen planner for free to see your ideas virtually on a mobile device or computer. Keep in mind the kitchen triangle, particularly if you’re thinking of installing a food preparation island.

Don’t Forget Storage Space

One common kitchen redesign faux pas is not accounting for adequate storage. Remember that many kitchen appliances can be awkwardly shaped, really tall, or excessively bulky. You’ll want enough storage to house any small appliances you plan on using, as well as the dishes, pots and pans, and other kitchen items. You should also consider where the food will be stored and make it easily accessible from the kitchen space.

Do Consult a Professional

While you might think you can handle the bulk of a kitchen remodel as a DIY project, consulting with a professional contractor is likely to save you a lot of time and stress. You should choose your contractor carefully to be sure you hire one who will do the project in a timely and affordable manner. A professional can also give you knowledgeable feedback on your design ideas, since they do this for a living.

Don’t Stress About Trends

Whatever current trend there is in kitchen design, think twice before going with it. Most trends are short-lived, and a particularly kitschy one might even bring down the value of your home or make it harder to sell in the future. Stick with tried-and-true designs that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Most of all, make your kitchen a place where you will enjoy being in every day.