Brown Fat vs White Fat

Our good fat, known as brown fat, is metabolically active, steadily burning calories throughout the day. Our bad fat, known as white fat, is much more insidious. White fat not only consumes no energy, but may also contribute to high cholesterol and heart disease.

Targeting White Fat Cells

The latest scientific developments have finally discovered a way to dispose of unwanted white fat cells in the human body. By freezing body fat, or exposing them to a moderately cold temperature, these cells will actually die off and become reabsorbed and eliminated by the body.

Can Be Used At Home

Clinics are taking advantage of this incredible medical discovery by charging thousands for in-office treatments. But others realize the importance of making this technology accessible to all by creating powerful, low cost products that can be used in home for freezing body fat.

Lose Your Love Handles

Consumers should expect a measurable difference in the circumference of their arms, thighs, or abs, usually losing at least several inches within three to ten weeks of pain free daily application of freezing body fat technologies.