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Çikolatalı kuru incir: Chocolate-covered dried figs

This is not a traditional Turkish dessert, but I wanted to create something easy and healthy with common Turkish ingredients: dried figs, chocolate, and pistachios. Dried figs are easy to … Continue reading

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Kepekli Simit: Sesame and molasses bread rings with wheat bran

Finding simit in Istanbul is almost too easy, but that’s a good thing. Before coming to Turkey for the first time I was skeptical as to why people rave about simit, … Continue reading

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Türk Yemekleri Amerika’da: Turkish Food in America

Since returning to America from Turkey, I created a nutrition education program to teach Turkish students at Syracuse University about how they can eat healthy Turkish-style food in America. I organized … Continue reading

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Türk Peynirleri: Turkish Cheeses

The origins of cheese stretch back to Mesopotamia and the Sumerian peoples. When the people discovered they could milk their animals, they began to drink this milk and transport it … Continue reading

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Turkish Student’s Murder Sparks Anger Over Violence Against Women

Originally posted on TIME:
The murder of a woman after resisting an attempted rapist has sparked mass protests in Turkey and prompted outcry on social media. Police say Ozgecan Aslan,…

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Kısır: Bulgur and vegetable salad

If you’ve ever wanted to try cooking on a Sunday and then eating that food for the rest of the week, this is definitely the dish to try it with. … Continue reading

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The Development of Turkish Food Culture Before the Ottoman Empire

When considering the development of Turkish food culture, the Ottoman Empire and the kitchens of Topkapı Palace are often the first thing to come to mind. However, before the Ottomans … Continue reading

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