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Çatal Kurabiye: Savory cookies

In Turkey, these crunchy, savory cookies are commonly eaten in the afternoon with a hot beverage like tea. They are made in many different shapes and sizes, with various toppings … Continue reading

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Ada Çayı: Sage Tea

Ada çayı literally means “island tea” in Turkish. In fact, the first time I ever had it, I was in a tea garden on Bozcaada Island. The tea is actually … Continue reading

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Köy Salatası: Village salad

This easy and versatile salad can accompany any meal! You can change amounts of any of the ingredients to fit your preferences. Recipe: (serves 6-8) Hellim/Haloumi cheese, cubed  1 cup … Continue reading

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Whole wheat pizza with eggplant puree and grilled zucchini

Turkey is not known for its pizzas per se; however, Turkish ingredients can really bring a welcomed change to your usual pizza routine. By adding smoky eggplant puree to your pizza, … Continue reading

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Kırmızı Şarap: Best Turkish Red Wine on a Budget

Alcohol prices in Turkey are high due to the government’s “special consumption” taxes. Alcohol restrictions have increased significantly over the past decade under the Justice and Development Party (AKP), including … Continue reading

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Çılbır: Poached eggs in garlic yogurt

Çılbır is high in protein and can be a very filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The textures might seem weird together at first- the runny egg with yogurt- but when … Continue reading

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Sebzeli Kuru Fasulye: White beans with vegetables

A great way to improve your overall diet quality is to make small behavior changes. Rather than making an extreme change to your eating habits (i.e. cutting out bread, eating high … Continue reading

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