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Sebzeli Mercimek Çorbası: Red lentil and vegetable pureed soup

Whether a restaurant is fancy and expensive, or intended for quick, cheap lunch service, one thing you can always find on the menu in Turkey is mercimek çorbası (red lentil … Continue reading

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Nohutlu Ispanak Kökü: Spinach stem and chickpea stew

Turkish people are known for not wasting food. When dining in Turkey, you are expected to only order as much as you know you will finish, and not throw anything … Continue reading

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Yeşil Mercimekli Ağzı Açık Böreği: Whole-wheat open-mouth pastry with green lentils

Typically when I think of pastries I imagine something sweet, but Turkish people also make a lot of different savory pastries and cookies. Perfect for an afternoon snack, savory pastries … Continue reading

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Fırında Kadınbudu Köfte: Oven-baked “lady’s thighs” meatballs

Many Turkish foods have amusing names, and this is probably the best example. These meatballs are meant to resemble the shape of women’s thighs. Kadınbudu köfte are a variation on the … Continue reading

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Yoğurtlu Havuç Salatası: Carrot & yogurt salad

The first time I had this Turkish meze dish was actually at a great Italian restaurant in Istanbul. Having ordered risotto, we were told our food would take a while … Continue reading

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Ramazan Pidesi: Ten grain Ramadan pide

During the month of fasting during Ramadan, the smell of Ramadan pide fills the streets of Turkey just before iftar (the breaking the fast meal at sunset). Lines form outside … Continue reading

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Enginarli Patates Salatası: Artichoke and roasted potato salad

I translated this recipe from one of my favorite Turkish food magazines called Sofra. It works great as a side dish. Recipe: (serves 5-6) Red potatoes, medium size, chopped    4 … Continue reading

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Healthier Hünkârbeğendi: Meat and vegetable stew over eggplant puree

I previously posted a classic recipe for hünkârbeğendi, but I wanted to also offer a healthier version of the dish. In order to make hünkârbeğendi healthier, I substituted a large … Continue reading

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